The brazillian jiu jitsu gi, kimono or dobok is the quintessential piece of equipment YOU need to start training and you've stumbled upon the BEST place to pick yourself up one of the best gis on the market at the lowest prices which is what we aim to do here at Jitzwear. The original jiu jitsu gi was heavy (>4kg) and when washed became very rigid, much like a starched collar. These days with advancement in GI Weave technology and use of new and improved materials, gis are lighter than ever most under 2kg whilst still retaining their plyability after washes.


Pro tip

Wash your new gi in cold water and air dry do not tumble dry.  This will ensure no fade in the colour of the gi aswell as avoiding unnecessary shrinkage. Gis will shrink especially from the arms when tumble dried making them in most cases illegal in IBJJF tournaments. 


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